About Us

     Guangdong Migair Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. Located in Shunde which is the town of Electric Household Appliances in Pearl River Delta. 20 minutes drive from Guangzhou railway south station; About 1.5 hours drive from Shenzhen (Hong Kong) and Zhuhai, the transportation is very convenient.

Migair Group was established in year 2001 by Mr. James Zhang with the headquarter in Shunde. Throughout the growth of 17 years, more than 5,000 employees including 80 persons in development team are working in 9 factories (6 in Shunde and 3 in Anhui Ma On Shan ) with total area of about 300 thousand sq meters which are built to cope with different needs.  Over RMB700 million (USD105M) has been invested to the facilities and equipment s. With the pace of above 13% grow every year, the turnover at year 2017 is about RMB1.7 billion (USD270M).

The company specializes in providing hardware parts processing and electrical products for overseas customers.Main business scope: cold plate stainless steel forming processing; Precision mould manufacturing; Precision casting, precision casting nc machining; Export electric fireplace series, outdoor heater series and so on.

The annual casting capacity of the precision casting project in Wuhu base of Meier company is more than 60000 tons, and the rough processing capacity is more than 60 million pieces. 

Shunde base is equipped with more than 13 automatic stamping lines and 15 automatic assembly lines of electrical appliances. It has an annual output of 3 million sets of electric fireplaces and outdoor gas furnaces, and has a number of independent patents. Among them, the electric fireplace series products have advanced technical level and stable production capacity.

Migair Group focus on the investment of R&D; Also the technique improvement, and believe the science & technology can drive the production capacity. Especially during the fierce competition of markets environment, Migair made a big investment in Automatic Stamping Production Line instead of handmade workings, so that the daily output and the quality in Metal Stamping Projects has been improved 50% more.

Regarding as the Electric Fireplace & Heaters, we keep enhancing the technique capacity from 2009 and set up our own individual UL certified Lab in 2012; Our products mainly sales to USA & Europe markets, and the main customers has Costco, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Tractor, Wal-Mart, Sam’s and so on. 

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